Viking Analytics

Predict the unexpected

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About us

We are an industrial IoT analytics startup based in Sweden. We build killer "apps" for the heavy industry in Sweden and Europe in order to achieve process and energy optimization. Specifically, we focus on predictive maintenance – we enable the heavy industry to achieve near-zero breakdown maintenance by predicting the unexpected machine failures/stoppages.

Our Product

We are packaging the engine as an enterprise SaaS product targeting the heavy industry in Sweden and Europe. We are in advanced stages of setting up pilot deployments with 3 major enterprises (all of whose revenues are above USD 10 Billion). The objective of the pilot deployments is to deploy our engine in a live industrial setting in order to monitor the health of machines, and predict their maintenance.

The Team

Rajet Krishnan
PhD, 2015, Signal processing and communication theory, Chalmers - R&D

Stefan Lagerqvist
MSc, 1997, Chalmers, PMP - Finance, Agreements and Sales

Arash Toyser
PhD 2010, Signal processing and communication theory, Chalmers - R&D

Johan Isaksson
MSc, 1994, Chalmers - Software Architecture and Product development

Eftim Zdravevski
PhD 2017, Machine Learning and Algorithms, Macedonia - R&D

Lindholmspiren 2
41756 Göteborg