Case Studies

Download and read our Use Cases to learn more about how our solution can help you maximize machine uptime and performance with AI assisted vibration analysis.

AI powered continuous vibration monitoring at a Silica factory in Iceland

A fume extraction fan used in a large silica arc furnace plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and efficient working environment. The proper maintenance of this equipment is of utmost importance, as any failure can result in costly shutdowns.

A loose steel plate from the intake duct fell into the fan impeller, causing it to become unbalanced and loose.

Following this incident, we received a notification about a change in mode with increasing energy levels from the Viking software. Upon a thorough review by our specialists, the issue was detected and diagnosed.

Early anomaly detection motor of starch dryer fan

“Given its criticality and the fact that four additional dryers utilize the same type of motor, the early and reliable detection of potential failures is paramount. This goes beyond relying solely on vibration level thresholds set by the vibration analyst.”

A shift in the vibration parameter behavior alerted us to an anomaly.

Upon examining the Mode Change in Viking Analytics software, the vibration analyst could diagnose motor looseness.

Early bearing damaged detection on a large centrifuge

“Not only is the centrifuge vital for our production, but replacing the main bearing is a labor-intensive task spanning 36 hours, carefully planned and scheduled. Failure to adhere to this framework could result in weeks of downtime before the dryer can be operational once more.”

Making early detection of any faults in the main bearing.

A potential bearing failure was identified using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis performed by Viking Analytics Algorithms.