Case Studies

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AI powered continuous vibration monitoring at a Silica factory in Iceland

A fume extraction fan used in a large silica arc furnace plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and efficient working environment. The proper maintenance of this equipment is of utmost importance, as any failure can result in costly shutdowns.

A loose steel plate from the intake duct fell into the fan impeller, causing it to become unbalanced and loose.

Following this incident, we received a notification about a change in mode with increasing energy levels from the Viking software. Upon a thorough review by our specialists, the issue was detected and diagnosed.

Criticality and Early Anomaly Detection

“Given its critical role in environmental protection and the potential impact on worker safety, early and reliable detection of potential failures in the gas fan is paramount. This goes beyond relying solely on manual inspections or basic alarms.”

Undetected Imbalance; A potential imbalance in the fan’s horizontal direction, with 1x being the dominant factor, went unnoticed during traditional monitoring. This imbalance could have resulted in increased vibration, reduced efficiency, and eventual fan failure.

Proactive Monitoring with AI; The implementation of Viking AI software provided an invaluable solution. By enabling early detection of deviations in the fan’s performance, specifically the rise in velocity at 1x, the AI facilitated proactive monitoring and identification of a potential imbalance.

This early warning system allowed for the fan to be addressed during scheduled maintenance, preventing unplanned downtime and environmental harm.

Preventing Environmental Incidents: Early D