MultiViz Vibration

Maximize Machine Uptime and Performance with AI Assisted Vibration Analysis

Analyze data and provide recommendations with the support of AI

Forget about manually setting and fine-tuning thresholds for alarms and spending hours looking at vibration spectrum, our AI, Multiviz vibration, makes the first analysis for you.

Find out which machines to prioritize, discover pre-failure modes, and make your condition monitoring smarter. Never depend on poorly set threshold alarms anymore.

Identify operational modes and detects early machine behavior that indicates a failure. Our algorithm automatically suggests the most relevant timestamps for analysis, eliminating the need to spend hours looking at machine data.

Don’t get tied to a specific vendor. MultiViz Vibration works with all machines and processes. It’s available as an API or as subscription for companies that also need sensors and data storage.

Remote monitoring center for all Industrial Service Providers

We take care of vibration sensors, data storage and analytics, and tell you which machines need attention.
Maintenance teams can focus on early detection and prevention of machine breakdown and perform root cause analysis with recommendations.
Viking AI available as an API or bundled with hardware and analytics.

Vibration sensors

From any 3rd party suppliers

Data Storage

The data and insights are securely stored in the maintenance company cloud, where it is accessed by the end-customer

Viking Analytics AI data cruncher

Operational modes, asset prioritization and auto labelling

Viking software UI

For visualizing operational modes, asset prioritization, collecting expert labels and feedback


Our software enables vibration analysts to analyze data and provide recommendations efficiently with AI.

Automatically identify suspicious machines without depending on manual setting fine-tuning of threshold-based alarms.

Automatically identify operational modes and detect early machine behavior that indicates an impending failure.

Focus on the machines and the measurements that require experts’ attention.

Collect feedback form the expert to learn most relevant patterns and further refine the AI.

Machine experts can build reliable, scalable and generalizable models for different machines, vibration sensors and process sensors.

Enhanced labelled data to build truly generic and scalable models for different machines, machine types, vibration sensors and process sensors

Benefits from using Viking APIs

The API is easy to integrate and ideal for anyone that uses vibration data to deliver machine Prognostics and Health Management (PHM).

Time saving in data analysis

Vibration analysts who use our product consistently seek ~10X reduction in analysing assets (360 minutes to 30 mins)

Remove all false alarms due to poorly set threshold alarms

Vibration analysts can now stop worrying about annoying false alarms from poorly set threshold alarms, while being able to capture all suspicious events.

Surplus revenue for remote monitoring service providers

Remote monitoring service providers and their analysis teams could make more than 2X in surplus revenue due to higher customer and asset coverage with the same human resource available.

Reduce spending on AI R&D and technology validation

Service providers use Viking APIs out of the box without spending millions in internal R&D and technology validation and without advanced knowledge in data science or vibration analytics. We have been tested for years by the best and the biggest.

We are proud of the trust that our customers have placed in us
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