MultiViz Vibration

Maximize Machine Uptime and Performance with AI Assisted Vibration Analysis
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Analyze data and provide recommendations with the support of AI

Forget about manually setting and fine-tuning thresholds for alarms and spending hours looking at vibration spectrum, our AI, Multiviz vibration, makes the first analysis for you.

Find out which machines to prioritize, discover pre-failure modes, and make your condition monitoring smarter. Never depend on poorly set threshold alarms anymore.

Identify operational modes and detects early machine behavior that indicates a failure. Our algorithm automatically suggests the most relevant timestamps for analysis, eliminating the need to spend hours looking at machine data.

Don’t get tied to a specific vendor. MultiViz Vibration works with all machines and processes. It’s available as an API or as subscription for companies that also need sensors and data storage.

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Remote monitoring center for all Industrial Service Providers

We take care of vibration sensors, data storage and analytics, and tell you which machines need attention.
Maintenance teams can focus on early detection and prevention of machine breakdown and perform root cause analysis with recommendations.
Viking AI available as an API or bundled with hardware and analytics.