MultiViz AI: Your AI Vibration Analyst

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MultiViz AI: Revolutionizing Industrial Monitoring with AI-Based Vibration Remote Monitoring

Maximize the potential profitability of your monitoring of industrial assets with MultiViz AI Vibration Analyst. This all-in-one, cloud-based AI assistant seamlessly integrates AI, IoT, and analytics to enhance performance, prolong asset lifecycles, and minimize operational downtime and costs.

MultiViz AI is tailored for specialist engineers:

  • Vibration Analyst
  • Maintenance Planner
  • Condition Monitoring Engineer

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Maintenance Company Revenue Gain Calculator

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Why MultiViz AI?

Transform Your Tomorrow: All You Need is the Shift from A to B

Assume example use case for a CNC machine floor assuming operations for 30 hours per week. 

Company A: Traditional Monitoring

Traditonal Vibration Monitoring & NO AI Vibration Analyst

Number of machine monitored : 1000 per month

Number of Vibration Analysts :

Customer downtime reduction:  (~820 hours) per year

Net revenue : 1 X

Company B: AI-based Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring & Condition Monitoring with AI Vibration Analyst

Number of machine monitored : 10000 per month

Number of Vibration Analysts :

Customer downtime reduction:  0.09% (~165 hours) per year

Potential saving for customer in downtime : 14 X
Net revenue : 11 X

What is MultiViz AI?

MultiViz serves as a Vibration AI assistant system, possessing capabilities comparable to those of a seasoned vibration analyst.

It efficiently monitors a thousand machines at a reduced cost while achieving higher levels of accuracy.

MultiViz AI Assitant Vibration Analysis
  1. Expert Attention Identification:
    • Capable of identifying machines that require human expert attention, streamlining the focus on critical areas.
  2. Fault Indication Precision:
    • Highlights significant measurements that suggest potential faults, aiding in proactive maintenance and issue prevention.
  3. Data Quality Assessment:
    • Conducts checks on data quality and sensor mounting quality, ensuring accurate and reliable insights.
  4. Comprehensive Issue Detection:
    • Can detect 100% of machine issues, providing a thorough analysis to enhance operational efficiency and minimize downtime.
  5. Low False Alarm Rate:
    • Maintains a false alarm rate of less than 3%, a significant improvement compared to competitors’ rates ranging from 20-50%, ensuring precise and reliable alerts.

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How It works?

How It works?

Contact Us: Reach out to us to begin the process.

Assigned Account Manager: Once connected, we’ll assign a dedicated account manager to assist you in onboarding your data.

Quality Reports Delivery: Expect to receive detailed quality reports, showcasing an average reduction of unplanned downtime by 43% and a 28% improvement in maintenance productivity.

  1. 1: Collect Data

    Data is collected from any type of sensors and transmitted to our gateway in cloud.

  2. 2: Store and Manage Data

    The information is securely stored in the cloud Asset management.

  3. 3: AI Analyse and Inspect

    Viking Analytics AI and vibration experts analyze the data.

  4. 4: Predict and Recommendation

    You will receive reports on prioritized machines and diagnostic opinions every 2 weeks with recommendations and machines to be prioritised.

AI Vibration Analyst

Empower Vibration Analysts to Monitor

x200 Times More

Factories with Our Advanced AI Technology.

The technological Benefits

MultiViz Empowering Vibration Analysts for Efficient Data Analysis and AI-Driven Recommendations

Automatically identify suspicious machines without depending on manual setting fine-tuning of threshold-based alarms.

Automatically identify operational modes and detect early machine behavior that indicates an impending failure.

Focus on the machines and the measurements that require experts’ attention.

Receive additional expert diagnostic opinion and AI insights on all suspicious machines.

Discover MultiViz, your AI Vibration Assistant – Take the First Step:

Voices of Delight; What Our Customers Are Saying

Hector, Ingredion

“We have issued at least 5 work orders and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with Viking MultiViz Al.”

Christian Sahlin, PureSignal

Puresignal’s wireless sensor platform has integrated Al supported vibration analytic tool Multiviz from Viking Analytics. This is essential for a scalable predictive maintenance solution. With this partnership, we can make the best of the high quality data for our sensors providing predictive value to the industry.

Gunnar, ABB

“It has been a great working experience with the Viking Analytics team and brought us more useful insights to deliver true benefits out of the data the ABB Ability CMES condition monitoring is collecting from MNS and NeoGear low voltage switchgear and motor control center.”

Robin, VKT

“VKT’s unparalleled vibration monitoring services enhanced by Viking Analytics’ Multiviz, is a game changer for reliability and uptime for the Swedish industriry. This integration ensures my team to provide quality uptime performance, keeping industries running smoothly with minimal downtime. Efficiency and reliability redefined with vibration expertise and Al.”

Who are we?

Viking Analytics – Driving AI Innovation in Europe, Acknowledged by AI Sweden

  • Schaeffler Optime Vibration Data Challenge 2019 and ABB Electrification Challenge winners, showcasing industry innovation.
  • Chalmers Startup Camp winners, committed to pioneering entrepreneurial initiatives.
  • Strategic AI partner for industry leaders like ABB validating leadership position.
  • Expert team with numerous PhD specialists in signal processing and machine learning, ensuring cutting-edge expertise.
  • AI Development Powerhouse: Over 10 specialized AI developers pushing the boundaries in machine health monitoring.
  • Global presence: Dedicated sales and marketing teams in Europe, North America, and South America,driving international reach.

  • Raised over 3M Euro in Series A funding, gearing up for a transformative Series B round 30M.

Viking Analytics was founded in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by a team of experts in signal processing, machine learning and software systems. It was born to bring together people, data and insights, in a way that doesn’t require process and operations professionals to become data scientists.

We believe that AI will not replace vibration analysts and maintenance experts, but rather enhance and augment them. Our product, MultiViz Vibration, enables them to Analyze data and provide recommendations with the support of AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

MultiViz is an advanced monitoring system functioning as an experienced vibration analyst, capable of simultaneously monitoring tens of thousands of machines and providing initial diagnostic insights. With a remarkable early detection rate of over 95% and less than 3% false alarms, MultiViz ensures exceptional fault detection accuracy without the need for specific threshold settings or manual inputs such as machine plate information or running speeds.

Supporting a diverse range of machine types across industries, MultiViz accommodates various sensor data and brands. We offer comprehensive support, including technical assistance for seamlessly connecting all your machines and sensors to MultiViz. Our support includes documentation, tutorials, and potential training sessions to assist in navigation, data connectivity setup, and optimizing data source connections and analysis during the trial.

The MultiViz primarily supports various vibration sensor brands and types for machine monitoring. It’s adaptable to different sensor models, offering comprehensive machine health insights. Guidance for sensor selection, installation, and setup is available upon request.

Robust encryption and industry-standard security measures safeguard connected data. Customers data shared remains confidential and is deleted after the trial ends, in accordance with the privacy policy.

We are proud of the trust that our customers have placed in us
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