About us

Meet the Vikings

Viking Analytics was founded in 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by a team of experts in signal processing, machine learning and software systems. It was born to bring together people, data and insights, in a way that doesn’t require process and operations professionals to become data scientists.

We believe that AI will not replace vibration analysts and maintenance experts, but rather enhance and augment them. Our product, MultiViz Vibration, enables them to Analyze data and provide recommendations with the support of AI.

Viking Analytics has been recognized as one of the startups driving AI innovation in Europe by AI Sweden. And we are also the proud creators of Daeploy, an open-source software for the deployment of Python code.

Rajet Krishnan

CEO & co-founder

Stefan Lagerkvist

COO & co-founder

Arash Toyser

CTO & co-founder