Viking Analytics and pour-tech AB sign contract to provide AI operators to iron foundries

February 3, 2021

Viking Analytics, a Swedish startup in advanced analytics solutions for predictive operations, and pour-tech AB, specialized in automatic pouring systems, announced a partnership to offer AI operators to iron foundries. The solution, named EASYpour, uses data analytics and machine learning algorithms developed by Viking Analytics to automatically adjust the pouring process, improving product quality, enabling faster production, and reducing costs.

EASYpour is one of the first smart-pouring solutions available in the market and more advantageous than traditional methods that require constant intervention from an experienced operator. According to Niklas Stigendal, general manager at pour-tech AB, the target was to have a truly end-to-end automated solution. “The production environment in a foundry is increasingly changing, demanding several adjustments to maintain the quality of the product, sometimes in a matter of minutes. We wanted to remove this complexity for our clients, so the operators could focus on other tasks,” he explains.

Viking Analytics was selected to develop the data-driven predictive model that runs in the solution. Based on the expert industry knowledge from pour-tech AB, the startup employed its data analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities to develop machine learning algorithms that, once deployed, evaluate information from each pour and adjusts the parameters for the next one.

“In practice, it means that the system is always improving itself, by learning from past actions in a feedback loop that maintains long-term quality,” says Arash Toyser, co-founder and product manager at Viking Analytics. “And it happens in a fraction of time that it would take for an operator to make the same decisions,” he adds.

By making these adjustments, EASYpour eliminates overpours and scrap, resulting in significant reductions in re-melt costs. It also provides stability in product quality and higher productivity. “At the foundry where we first implemented the solution, gains of 0.10€ per pour have been registered,” says Niklas Stigendal. Currently, two foundries in Denmark and Germany are already successfully using EASYpour.

To Stefan Lagerkvist, co-founder and CEO at Viking Analytics, the partnership highlights the potential for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the metal industry. “Automation is already well established in foundries, but in order to survive the increasing competition, companies must take on the digital transformation road, from collecting and analyzing data to taking action to improve productivity based on it. We are very pleased to enable pour-tech to bring digitalization to their customers,” he finalizes.

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About pour-tech AB

With more than 25 years of experience, pour-tech AB is the global market leader in automatic pouring solutions. In 2011 the European organization became independent and is working from Gothenburg, Sweden. With more than 500 installations the company has succeeded in getting knowledge, understanding customer’s needs and building strong relationships with returning customers. Designed in Sweden and built in Germany, the pourTECH systems reduce work and costs in industrial areas due to latest technological advances, I/O standards, high quality and superior support. Contact with us: