Viking Analytics and VKT Unite for AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance with MultiViz

February 14, 2024

Viking Analytics and VKT Unite for AI-Powered Predictive Maintenance via MultiViz AI

Viking Analytics and Vibration & Konsultteknik (VKT) Join Forces to Revolutionize Industrial Machine Monitoring with AI-Powered MultiViz. VKT integrates Viking Analytics’ AI-driven vibration analytics tool, MultiViz, into their services, marking a pioneering move in predictive maintenance for the Swedish industry. This partnership focuses on delivering advanced monitoring solutions that elevate condition monitoring by seamlessly combining wireless and wired vibration sensors from different suppliers with MultiViz technology, enriched by VKT’s profound expertise in condition monitoring.

Viking Analytics and Vibration & Konsultteknik (VKT) of Stenungsund have recently sealed an innovative collaboration through a new business agreement. This alliance equips VKT with the AI-powered vibration analytics tool, MultiViz, aimed at enhancing internal condition monitoring while being offered alongside VKT’s services and sensor systems. Together, they present a scalable predictive maintenance solution tailored for all customers. By amalgamating wireless and wired vibration sensors from various suppliers with MultiViz, the collaboration aims to provide optimal solutions customized to individual customer needs.

CEO of VKT, Robin Josefsson, remarks on the agreement: “We’ve observed a substantial industry demand for automating data acquisition to bolster understanding regarding a machine’s condition and status. The foremost challenge lies in efficiently interpreting this wealth of data. Leveraging AI and algorithms such as MultiViz from Viking Analytics will enable us to prioritize machines with deviations, letting AI set the priority.”

VKT predominantly serves industries in Sweden, where Robin and the team oversee condition monitoring services remotely from their new Stenungsund center. This agreement holds a value exceeding 1 MSEK for both Viking Analytics and VKT.

Stefan Lagerkvist, COO of Viking Analytics, emphasizes the significance of this partnership, noting how VKT’s knowledge and expertise contribute to the continual enhancement of their MultiViz vibration tool. VKT’s insights in vibration analysis have been integrated into algorithms, validating Viking Analytics’ long-standing efforts, and providing a robust foundation for a comprehensive AI-powered predictive maintenance solution for the industry.

Viking Analytics
Scalable Predictive Maintenance as a service

Viking Analytics has been a frontrunner since 2017, revolutionizing industries like maintenance companies, OEMs, and system integrators. Their dedication to predictive maintenance and data analysis reflects in MultiViz, a specialized tool empowering organizations to monitor and comprehend machines with unparalleled precision. This AI-driven solution not only identifies machines requiring attention but also offers detailed insights for maintenance recommendations. Collaboration with experts allows continuous feedback, enabling the tool to learn and evolve. MultiViz’s collaborative approach ensures reduced false alarms, enabling companies to focus on timely attention to the right machines and measurements.

VKT – Vibration & Konsult Teknik AB
Helping the industry towards better availability

VKT is a maintenance company from Stenungsund and specializes in delivering diverse condition monitoring systems to industries, spanning wireless to continuous systems. Their aim is to guide clients toward the most reliable systems, enhancing availability and uptime regardless of equipment or brand. Notably, they offer products from CTC, known for its wide array of vibration sensors suitable for various installations.

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